Rigel UNI-SIM Lite

The UNI-SiM Lite is a handheld and battery-operated vital signs simulator, designed to be a cost effective and portable solution for carrying out spot checks and full PM’s on vital signs monitors, wherever the job takes you.

With synchronized vital signs parameters, fast boot up and single button simulation to repeat the last simulation value in seconds, the UNI-SiM Lite is a quick and easy-to-use simulator for basic spot checks.

User configurable heart rate, SpO2 values, systolic and diastolic NiBP pressures make the UNI-SiM Lite a truly versatile tool capable of meeting even the most demanding test protocols.

Compatibility with the Rigel PULS-R universal SpO2 simulation finger enables accurate and repeatable SpO2 values. Unique probe positioning LEDS help to ensure the correct positioning of SpO2 probes, improving accuracy and repeatability